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Art Hotel Benefits and Events

Sporting Club Universo

An unmissable opportunity not to give up a break and a little ‘relaxation and keep the shape during a business trip.
Art Hotel clients can enjoy free access to the gym (adjacent to the Art Hotel Museum).

Benefit reserved for guests who book directly through our site.

Museo Pecci

Just our Guests can have a reduction for contemporary art museum Pecci ticket.

Ask the reception!

Museo del Tessuto

Just our Guests can have a ticket reduction shows at Museo del Tessuto.

Ask the reception!


In Wellness Suite at disposal of our Guests a choice;

  • Millet pillow:

Millet, very pleasent to the touch and almoust fluid in its consistency, is an ideal product for stuffing cushions that gently fit the shapeof the neck area or, for example, the lumbar area. Therefore it is suitable for those who like to support soft, elastic and lightweight. Hypoallergenic, traspirant and micro – massaging, promotes the circulation of blood.

  • Pearl barley pillow:

Derived exclusively from organic farming, the chaff of pearl barley fits smoothly to the body, especially the neck, which is supported in his more natural position. Provides for a pleasent massage, energetic and bracing for the spine and muscles, promoting blood circulation. It’s a very traspirant material, containing silicic acid, firming the tissues and strenghthens the body defense systems.

  • Double wave latex pillow:

100% natural latex foam hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and thermoregulating. Forming a double wave with two different heights for better neck support. Suitable for those suffering from neck pain.

  • Goose down pillow: 

The content of 100% white goose down plume guarantee maximum smothothness using only the soft flakes of down in the under-collar and chest goose. Hygroscopic, has the ability to readily absorb the water molecules present in the environment; insulates and prevents the heat is dissipated and maintains an ideal temperature.

Pet Friendly

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