Design Rooms at Art Hotel Museo

Un’accoglienza unica nel suo genere.

Art Hotel Museo​

Design Rooms at Art

The project Camere d’Autore e Ambienti d’Autore (Design rooms and spaces) was inspired by Elena Pecci and Lido Bonari.


Thanks to their contribution, Art Hotel Museo began to embellish the rooms on the fourth floor with the artworks of some contemporary artists. According to their own artistic feeling and inspired by their own poetics, they have both made each room an original expression of their own art.


In line with this initial idea, the installation of artworks was gradually extended to all the rooms of Art Hotel Museo.

The customized and dedicated artworks in our facility are created both by historically established artists and placed in a specific historical context, known by critics and to the public, as well as by young emerging artists, and they are all part of the collection of Carlo Palli

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